Add Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates on Private Domains with Dokku

If you use Dokku, you’re probably already familiar with the Let’s Encrypt plugin to enable HTTPS on your apps with a single command. The plugin uses certbot with the HTTP-01 challenge that requires that the app be accessible on the Internet. This can’t work on apps that live in a private network. At Bixoto, we use Tailscale and Headscale to manage our VPN. … Read more

Deploy Mattermost on Dokku

Mattermost started as an open-source Slack alternative, like Gitlab for GitHub, and as such has been adopted by a lot of organizations because you can self-host it for free (although you have to pay for your own servers and you’re responsible for the maintainance and updates). Dokku is a single-server self-hosted PaaS. Think of Heroku, but open-source … Read more